Snacks, Sirup,Tea, Jam



Crispy air dried Chips:  4.50CHf/30g

Pepperded Zucchini

Salted Tomato

Apple w/ Chilli

Apple, Pear

Roasted Almonds w/ dry fruits: 5.50CHf/50g

Ginger Almonds, Apples

Cinnamon Orange Almonds, Cranberries/ Apple

Chilli Almonds, Cranberries/ Goji berries

Power Cubes (sesame,sunflower seed,walnut,berry mix, almond, oats, honey, Puffs) 6.50CHf/90g

Nut Bar (walnut, almond, peanut, sunflower seed, oats, sesame ) 3.20CHf/26g

Snackbox ( the whole lot in a smaler version ) 28.50CHf


Elderflower                                          6.50CHf/350ml

Elderflower,Peppermint,Lime         7.50CHf/350ml

Peppermint, Lemon                            7.00CHf/350ml

Mountain – Herbal – Tea (camomille,peppermint,lemon verbena,violets,lemon thyme,citrus fruits) 7.50CHf/ 40g

Apple – Peppermint – Thyme – Tea 6.80CHf/ 40g


Elderflover Gelée                  6.00CHf/ 250g

Rasberry, Lemon verbena  6.80CHf/ 250g

Walliser Apricot                    7.80CHf/ 250g


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