Food Delivery in Zermatt

You don t like to go out and you don t like to cook? -No problem!

Fresh homemade, tasty dishes deliverded to your door step.

Delivery Service Winter 2016/17


Carrot and Ginger Soup                                                                     09.50CHf.

Leek Potato Soup                                                                                09.50CHf.

Main course

Thai Green Curry                  with Chicken                                       23.50CHf.

Rice                                          Vegetarian                                           19.00CHf.

Pasta                                       Bolognese                                            16.50CHf.

                   Pesto                                                                                    14.50CHf.

Beef Bourguignon with Mash potato                                                29.50CHf.

and  Coleslaw


Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Sauce                                          9.50CHf.

Home made Carrot Cake with wipped cream                                   6.00CHf.

Set Menu

Soup / Thai Green Curry or Beef Bourgignon / Carrot Cake        38.50CHf.


Food should be ideally ordered a day in advance via e-mail or phone

All meals will be delivered cold to the appartement, ready with easy reheating instructions at pre-organised time

Any queries/questions e-mail or call            +41/78 778 44 37

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