About Us

Imagination is more important than knowledge…A. Einstein (1929)

Who am I?

My name is Désirée de Meester.

I was born and raised in the mountains. I love sports and prefer to be outdoors in nature.
With my heart I am at work and I love to spoil people.

How it all began…

By chance my husband and I discovered this gem on the internet and from the first moment we were in love. Our house was built at the beginning of 1900 and has a lot of character. For three summers we renovated our dream house to what it is today. It was important to us to keep the original features, but also to bring in something new from us. The garden was overgrown and year after year we brought more structure into it. Today we enjoy the splendour of the flowers and the harvest of our vegetable garden every year.
The project is far from being finished and we are always looking forward to creating new details….

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